Unlimited TV Watching Right on Your Palms

In the era of acute TVs, who wants to abide chained to cable boxes or digital dishes? Thanks to the handheld accessories and android, now your TV is appropriate in your pocket!

There are so abounding apps that acquiesce you to bolt up with your admired shows, anywhere, anytime for free, on your Droid buzz or tab, but not all of them bear accomplished user experience. With added than 600 android TV apps accessible in the Google Play or Amazon Appstore, award the best Android TV apps can be a bit tiring. Therefore, we accept angled up 5 abundant TV apps in agreement of acceptance that can let you abound above congenital Google Movies and TV apps. All these apps accept a whopping download amount amid 50,000 to 100,000.

Here’s a quick attending at 5 accepted TV apps, based on all-embracing user appraisement and the numbers of best ratings they accept received.

1. Hulu Plus (Overall user appraisement 3.8, Best ratings 27)

For eight dollars per month, it lets you admission capacity and movies from a deluge of networks including ABC, NBC, Fox and Cartoon Network. Hulu brings your admired shows to your accessory aural 24 hours of their getting on air.

2. Sling Television (Overall Appraisement 3.7, Best ratings 2,000 approx )

For 20 dollars per month, Sling offers capacity from over 20 channels including ESPN, Food Network, ESPN, AMC, A&E and more. You can aswell account a exceptional amalgamation by paying 15 dollars added per ages and admission such networks as HBO.

3. Crackle (overall appraisement 3.5, Best ratings 12)

Use this Sony-owned account to watch a advanced ambit of hit movies and sitcoms, as able-bodied as a few aboriginal series. The best allotment of this app is it comes actually free.

4. Netflix (Overall User Appraisement 3.2, Best ratings 115)

Be it The Hunger Games or Star Trek, The Abundant Escape or Parks and Recreation, for nine dollars per month, this chargeless app lets you watch bags of accepted television series’ and movies on your Android devices.

5. YouTube (Overall user appraisement 2.8, Five-stars 30)

Music, soap opera episodes, movies – you name them and you will acquisition them on YouTube. The fun allotment is they appear actually free!

Now that you apperceive how to acquisition out the aureate from the chaff, what are you cat-and-mouse for? Go hit the Google Play, download the app and alpha watching TV on your handheld accessory itself.